More Than 900 Moguls Present In World EV&ES Battery Conference

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the Future of Yibin, the City of Power Battery, ibefore Our Eyes
2022World EV&ES Battery Conference,as the first world class conference of power battery industry,was held in Yibin,Sichuan province from July21to23,2022.This conference was approved by the State Council and co-hosted by the People's Government of Sichuan Province,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China,with“Intelligence-driven Green Power and Shared Low-carbon future”as the theme,attracting more than900dignitaries and guests from governmental institutions,flagship enterprises,specialists group and industry associations.
More Than69.2Billion Yuan was Received,Yibin Accelerates the Building of“EV&ES Battery Capital”
On the21st,Yibin,the First City Along the Yangtze River,has seen its"highlight moment".The2022World EV&ES Battery Conference,approved by the State Council and co-hosted by the People's Government of Sichuan Province and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,was officially opened there.

The Opening Ceremony of2022World EV&ES Battery Conference.The picture is provided by Publicity Department of the CPC Yibin Municipal Committee
The main forum of2022World EV&ES Battery Conference was held at that day.More than900guests of government service,top learners and enterprise representatives in industry chain gathered in Yibin,Sichuan Province.
At the forum site,Stanley Whitingham,Nobel Prize winner,Liu Shunda,President of China Electric Power Equipment Management Association,Zhu Huarong,Chairman of Chongqing Changan Automobile Co.,Ltd.Li Shufu,Chairman of Geely Holding Group,Wu Feng,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Lian Yubo,Vice President of BYD Co.,Ltd,Zheng Yuandou,General Manager of LG New Energy China Division,and Honma Tetsulang,Panasonic Holding Group Global Vice President successively delivered keynote speeches.
Two important achievements were released at the main forum-the"2022Power Battery Industry Development Report"and the"2022Power Battery Industry Development(Yibin)Index",which provided data support for the development of the industry.
It is worth mentioning that the key industrial projects signed by this forum involve well-known enterprises such as Sinoma Lithium Film,Jiangxi Tongbo,Far East Holdings International Limited,Hanslaser.At the same time,with the awarding of"Sichuan Power Battery Industry Innovation Center"and"Sichuan New Energy Vehicle Advanced Power Technology Innovation Center",Yibin receives major intellectual support in boosting high-quality development of the power battery industry.
There were48power battery and new energy vehicle supporting projects were signed at power battery conference,with a total signed amount of96.2billion yuan.Among them,there are4"top500enterprises of three categories"participating in projects signing,9listed companies,and10of the top ten enterprises in the industry;There are3projects with more than10billion yuan,5projects with5billion yuan to10billion yuan,3projects with3billion yuan to5billion yuan,and13projects with1billion yuan to3billion yuan.After the completion of the project,it is expected to realize an output value of over150billion yuan and a tax revenue of nearly10billion yuan.
In terms of subdivision,there are38power battery supporting projects with a total investment of92.8billion yuan,covering cathode material projects,anode materials,diaphragms,electrolytes,copper(aluminum)foil,structural parts,battery recycling.There are10new energy vehicle supporting projects with a total investment of3.4billion yuan.
At present,the global power battery industry has witnessed a strong momentum of development.The future is before our eyes,and the future is more promising!Yibin is seizing the historic development opportunity,focusing on building an integrated battery industry chain,and accelerating the building of a"EV&ES Battery Capital".
It is known that the output value of power battery industry in Yibin reached32.04billion yuan in the first half of2022,with a year-on-year growth of10.4times.In2022,Yibin is expected to produce and sell80GWh power batteries,and the output value of the whole industry will be more than70billion yuan,with a year-on-year growth of more than300%.After all the existing power battery projects in Yibin are completed and put into production,the annual output value is expected to reach500billion yuan at the end of14th five-year plan.
Five High-End Forums Constantly Show Sparkles,Yibin,With its Special Advantages,Demonstrates its Future Before Our Eyes
On the22nd,the conference conducted a one-day"sub-forum time",intensively presenting the latest intellectual achievements and sending out a strong voice of China's power battery industry from global perspective.The five sub-forums focused on hot topics in the industry such as"empowering double carbon","technological breakthroughs","supply chain ecology","application mode innovation"and"recycling",and launched a full-chain dialogue of"government,industry,academia and research".
At the forum site,Wu Feng and Sun Fengchun,academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,Cheng Huiming,academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Sun Jinhua,academician of the European Academy of Sciences and professor of the University of Science and Technology of China,Wang Chaoyang,academician of the National Academy of Inventors of the United States and chair professor of Pennsylvania State University,and Zhang Jiujun,academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering of Canada,delivered keynote speeches respectively,starting from technological innovation and looking forward to cutting-edge trends;At the same time,the chairman,general manager,chief scientist,chief technology officer and other key figures from more than50leading enterprises in the industry,shared their experiences and expounded around the key links of each subdivision track,and discussed the future of the industry through keynote speeches and roundtable dialogues.
As an important part of this conference,the five sub forums highlighted the characteristics of specialization,focused on market demand and industry pain points,and gathered the wisdom of all parties and released a number of heavy achievements such as"New Capabilities of National Power Battery Detection Technology Release","Prospect of Advanced Power Battery Technology For Carbon Neutrality","Research on Prediction of Decommissioning of New Energy Vehicle Power Batteries".Notably,it is worth noting that in the afternoon,a special seminar was also organized to boost the sustainable development of the power battery industry together with the sub-forum.
In recent years,Yibin has carried out fund investment and industrial chain investment,successively introducing8of the world's top500companies such as Ningde Times and CRRC,14of China's top500enterprises,and27listed companies.Since2021,nearly400investment projects have been signed,with a total agreed investment of280billion yuan.
Yibin has also implemented the special action to improve the business environment,introduce a series of support policies,and give all-round and full-cycle guarantee support for the recruitment and introduction of enterprises,production and operation.Yibin was honored to be listed in the"Top50Hot City of Business Environment",and became a real highland of openness and a hot land for investment.
Located at the junction of the three provinces of Sichuan,Yunnan and Guizhou and the convergence of the three rivers of Jinsha River,Minjiang River and the Yangtze River,Yibin welcomes guests from all over the world,laying emphasis on low-carbon development and creating a better future.Relying on the world's largest power battery production base and the development of the new energy automobile industry,building the Conference as an important collaboration platform for the industry,Yibin is seizing opportunities,doing business with sincere heart and scientific methods.The city makes great progress in green and low-carbon development,showing greater deeds and responsibilities in accelerating the realization of carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality.(Reporters Wu Pinghua and Shan Peng)



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